Changi City Point

Did you know that a new mall has opened up at the Expo Area? I find it incredible that a mall just sprouted out of no where just like that, without me even noticing the construction works right until about a month before Changi City Point was due to open. One thing I like about Changi City Point is it’s spacious feel. Aside from the layout of the shops that has been designed in a way to minimised on the cluttered feeling, Changi City Point has tried to incorporate greenery within the mall itself!

Changi City Point - Air well garden

I find these “gardens in an air well” so very unique! Creativity at its best! You have no idea how helpful it is to be able to see some sunlight while inside an enclosed building! I’m sure the sales assistants who work here must be glad for these. My friend found the air well useful in aiding his meditation while pondering an issue of utmost importance, the question of why I was late. A few kids came into the air well while he was meditating and commented that the water was deep. Actually it isn’t really, hardly reaches the knee level of an adult! Mollycoddled kids who have never been out in the open?

Changi City Point - Middle Event Area

This area kind of reminds me of Marina Bay Sands Casino area. I haven’t been to the Casino, the Celebrity Restaurants area is circular like this, and from the 2nd floor, you can peer down into the Casino area.

Changi City Point - View of interior of mall from Starbucks

The Starbucks here isn’t very big but if you get a seat here, you can watch the world go by.

Changi City Point - Starbucks Latte

I had a voucher for a free coffee. We got the largest latte available and shared the drink. There was more than enough for both of us to have.

Shops at Changi City Point

Pictures of some of the shops that have opened at Changi City Point. There’s Cold Storage, Kuriya, Ichiban Bento, Bagus Food Court, Manhattan Fish Market amongst other shops. There’s even a floor dedicated to quite a number of Outlet stores. There is a Nike, Addidas, Esprit Outlet store and more that I can’t remember. For a full listing of the shops at Changi City Point, visit Fraser Centrepoint Mall’s website for Changi City Point’s shop directory. I find it interesting that the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is directly opposite Starbucks. You would think that competing coffee chains would want to situate themselves apart to minimise on the cannibalization. I also found it interesting that Starbucks was full while Coffee Bean wasn’t. I tend to think that Starbucks serves coffee flavoured milk aka Cafe Latte. Today my colleague even mentioned that if you choose a black coffee, it’s just coffee flavoured water! There can be only one reason why people visit Starbucks as often as they do, which is that it’s just less taxing on the brain to patronise a store that provides familiarity and consistency, even if the products leave much to be desired.

Changi City Point - Koufu Food Court (2)

There are TWO food courts at Changi City Point! If you ask me, Koufu looks much better than Bagus. It’s brighter and cleaner looking. There seems to be a couple of brand name food stalls. Saw some famous oyster omelette stall. But other than that, I don’t know if the food is actually better in Koufu than in Bagus. One thing’s for sure though, if you have kids, and you want them to sit down quietly to have their meal without fidgeting, go to Bagus instead. Koufu faces the children’s Water Park area. You can see it through the glass walls of Koufu, and I can tell you even I was enticed to go play at the water park! There’s no way the kids are going to sit still when they see that right outside the food court! Btw, the plate of chicken rice is from Bagus. Put that there to make up the square.

Changi City Point - Chicken Rice from Bagus Food Court

I had lunch with my friend at Bagus. That was before I realised that there was another food court called Koufu. Bagus is more centrally located whereas Koufu is right in the corner of the building next to the water playground. The chicken rice tasted nice. Didn’t have any complaints about it, but it wasn’t super fantastic. They were rather generous with the liver. When I have chicken rice, I always order liver. Love the taste, texture and it boosts my iron levels, something that ladies tend to be low in. Sometimes, I love the liver even more than the chicken itself.

Changi City Point - Chicken Rice from Bagus Food Court (3)

My friend bought his lunch from the Filipino food stall. Can’t remember the name of this but this is vegetables and meat in some peanut sauce. The first mouthful of sauce I had was great. It was rich with flavours. But as you can see, the sauce was quite heavy and oily, so I got sick of it after a while.

Changi City Point - Scones

Four Seasons Bakery was selling 4 different types of scones…

Changi City Point - Doggie Treats

Love this shop selling cute doggie snacks. Check out the little comb shaped snacks on the left. Wish I had a dog, I would lavish him with all these pretty treats!!! Does anyone have a dog or a cat they would like me to babysit? I would love to offer my cat/dog pet sitting services while you are away on holiday or something.

Changi City Point - Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery

Changi City Point - (17)

That’s water up there….can you guess where this is?

Changi City Point - Air well garden (2)

Can’t get enough of the pretty water gardens in the air wells!

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Changi City Point

Address : 5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038

Telephone : (65) 6511 1088

Opening hours : 10am – 10pm

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  1. There’s a good “GRILL” aka BBQ stall in Bagus Food Court which serves really good bbq chicken in different flavors – sweet, spicy or sourish (Inasal which is popular in Philippines). They are the only stall in SIngapore that sells grilled Tuna steak, head or jaw.

    Each set comes with plain or flavored rice (belachan, java or garlic), salad and achar.

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