Last minute ideas for Christmas presents

It’s 6 days to Christmas!! That means, only 5 more full days for getting those last minute gifts before you have to chuck something under the Christmas Tree!

In my opinion, the best time to shop for Christmas presents is not during the Christmas season itself! Throughout the year, you should be on the look out for sales and discounts such that you get the best value for yourself as well as for the gift recipient. One year I managed to get nearly 50% discount on everything I bought such that I had excess budget left to buy even more presents! Shopping during off-Christmas season also gives you the opportunity to chance upon “good buys” that you would not have thought of yourself, and most certainly wouldn’t think off nearing Christmas when you’re frazzled and on the verge of tearing your hair out.

Anyway, fret not. Five days is still plenty and here’s my take on good gifts for Christmas exchange that aren’t too expensive.  Hope you find this useful….

  1. Mini chocolate fondue sets $23 from Tangs. Looks more expensive than it costs. One year I bought this for a Christmas gift exchange. The person who received this was very happy as compared to the person who received a box of towels of a similar price.
  2. Harrods Festive Jams (approx $15) from Taka Basement.
  3. Fauchon Black Teas (approx $15 I think) from Taka Basement. Fauchon has one of the best tasting teas (way better than TWG in my opinion and it’s French!) and Christmas is the time to indulge.
  4. Gryphon Teas (approx $14 per box) are also a good choice as compared to the seriously overpriced TWG teas.
  5. IKEA 6 set of festive beverage glasses (approx $16 i think)
  6. Heilala Vanilla Bean Paste (Approx $21) from ThreeSixty Marketplace at ION Orchard.
  7. Cook books ($50 – $100) – I particularly like the range of cook books offered at Prologue bookshop on the 4th floor of ION Orchard. Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. There are even professional textbooks for chef wannabes. Bring a man (they can be useful sometimes) to carry the the professional cookbooks as they weigh a ton.

Christmas Gift Suggestions 1 Christmas Gift Suggestions 2

Oh dear, it seems all my suggestions are food related products. Oh well, what can I say, I am turned on by food!

Worst Christmas Gifts to buy….

  1. For god’s sake, no more Body Shop  gifts. Do they spell UNCREATIVE or what?! Besides, everyone knows that Body Shop lays out huge discounts directly after Christmas, so why buy early?
  2. CrabTree & Evelyn. Same reason as above.
  3. Lay off toiletries in general. Most ladies have their own favourite tried and tested brands. Your gift most likely joins the basket that keeps all the swiped hotel toiletries.
  4. Photo frames
  5. Chocolates unless they are extremely expensive like Godiva or Valrhona.

Remember the most important point in buying gifts. Buy a gift that looks more expensive than it costs and never ever ever make the mistake of buying a gift that is more expensive than it looks. The reason for this is that when things look more expensive than they cost, it means that this gift is valued higher than the actual cost. When people feel like they’ve received a gift of value, they naturally feel happier. And wouldn’t this be the mantra if you were buying something for yourself to begin with? Expensive but branded items are okay as there’s an inherent value to the branding as well.

Love to hear what you would consider as good gifts for the annual Christmas exchange???

2 thoughts on “Last minute ideas for Christmas presents

  1. I would love to get these:

    Kino book voucher
    Hediard Tea (which I just discovered & now love)
    A travel guide
    anything Moleskin

    yeah I agree with you about the’s very personal and there are some scents that just put us off.

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