Toast Box @ 112 Katong

Toast Box is one of my favourite places to enjoy a cup of local Teh. Most of the time I go for Teh, sometimes I go for Teh C, and when I feel like I don’t need anymore caffeine, I go for their milo. Toast Box tends to be overly sweet, so if you’re coming here, remember to tell them to reduce on the sugar. The milo that they make is so sweet I feel like I’m drinking chocolate syrup, this coming from a sweet tooth!  But as long as you warn them in advance, it will be alright.

I’ve always liked Toast Box for its vintage type decor. The Toast Box at 112 Katong is particularly delightful. First of all, it is bigger and brighter due to the glass walls. If you’ve been to the Wisma Atria or Raffles City Toast Box, you will see that it is as cramped as can be, to the extent that you’re almost leaning on the next person, if the place is full. But the best thing about the Toast Box at 112 Katong is that there is a little Al Fresco area, which is still shaded by the upper floors of the mall but still open-air otherwise. I find it quite relaxing to be in the safe confines of Toast Box while looking down at the people crossing the road. The al-fresco extension is right next to the escalator. If you stretched out, you would be able to touch the people on the escalator, not that you would think of doing that would you?

Oh another thing that I love to have at Toast box is the butter sugar thick toast. Butter, sugar and bread are all natural, so they’re good for you right???? The centre piece is the BEST one as there’s no crust on the sides. The Partner can’t understand how I can eat this when I keep counting calories, but Kaya is the same isn’t it, just that sugar crystals aren’t visible.

I12Katong - Toastbox (9)

I12Katong - Toastbox

I12Katong - Toastbox (7)

I12Katong - Toastbox (4)  I12Katong - Toastbox (5)

I12Katong - Toastbox (6)

I12Katong - Toastbox (8) I12Katong - Toastbox (3)

I12Katong - Toastbox (2)

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112 East Coast Road Singapore 428802
Tel: 6636 2112

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

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