I12 Katong

I12 Katong is now open! Did you know, the address is actually 112 Katong, but they’ve done a wordplay on that and named the mall I Want to Katong! Creative…..but cheesy. ION Orchard is also a wordplay, a much better one I feel. I on Orchard or Eye on Orchard. But at least if you didn’t know about the I on Orchard, Ion as a name sounds fine.

Anyway, I12 Katong is situated on the site of the former Katong Mall. I used to go there to patronise the 24 hour Cold Storage. That was during a time when there were only 2 24hr supermarkets in the whole of Singapore. Now they are a dime a dozen and you can even find 24 hr NTUCs and Shop n Saves.


Quite a lot of the shops and restaurants aren’t open yet, at least not the big name ones. Looking forward to the opening of the Din Tai Fung duplex! Also looking forward to Trung Nyugen Coffee. I just realised that it is the largest Vietnamese Coffee chain in Vietnam. I’m looking forward to it for another reason though. It’s to reminisce my university days where the only atas thing available was this Trung Nyugen Coffee. I used to get my favourite iced coffee just before class. It cost only $4 I think.

Aside from the eateries, I’m also looking forward to the Golden Village Cineplex!!!!! Now I can watch midnight movies without having to worry about paying the taxi midnight surcharge!

I12Katong - Baci Italian

Baci Italian Cafe

I12 Katong - Da Paolo Gastronomia

Da Paolo Gastronomia – Check out the multi coloured cupcakes.They even have a small seating area for people to enjoy their purchases.

I12Katong - Toastbox

Toast Box – One of my favourite local coffee chains. I just love their decor!

I12Katong -Food Shops

I12Katong - Gloria Jeans Coffees

I12Katong - Upper Floors

I12Katong - Upper Floors (2)

I12Katong - Kids playing under the potted plants

The kids were running too fast for me to get a clear shot. It was so cute when 5 of them were hiding under the potted plant!

I12Katong -Minus 18deg frozen yoghurt

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Click here to read more about Da Paolo Gastronomia at 112 Katong!


112 East Coast Road Singapore 428802
Tel: 6636 2112

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily


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  1. I12 go Katong. UOB is opening their 2nd Wealth Banking Centre and the first in the east to cater to emerging affluent customer segment! Watch that space for a whole new banking experience!

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