Images of Boat Quay at Night

After dinner at The Central at Clarke Quay, the Friend and I took a leisurely stroll towards the Raffles Place MRT station as we both didn’t want the hassle of having to change trains from the NEL to the East West Line. After 1 year’s worth of changing trains at Outram Park MRT station to get to my work place at MapleTree Business City at Pasir Panjang (Labrador Station), I abhor the idea of having to do this even one more time.  Those who have tried transferring at Outram Park would know the long walk involved. In fact, the other option is Dhoby Ghaut, which is no better. The morning journey through the dreary and foreboding pedestrian tunnel that connects one line to the other will forever be etched in my mind.

The night air was cool and I have an inexplicable love affair with the Raffles Place area.

Since I had my DSLR camera with me, I decided to make full use of it by capturing some night shots of the Boat Quay area, which is next to the Raffles Place MRT Interchange. (Tourists to Singapore, if you want a quick, 1 hr snapshot of Singapore, get onto the train and head towards Raffles Place! You will get to see the CBD area with all its spiffy office workers, and you can get to enjoy the views of the picturesque Singapore river. It’s all right next to the MRT station!)

The UOB building had a huge Christmas tree. It was too tall to be real. I rather like the real ones, they smell so nice! I read that not all types of trees produce a smell. It seems the Noble Fir has a smell while the Nordmann Fir doesn’t. I didn’t know that when I selected my tree and thank god I chose the right one!

Night Image of Fullerton Hotel (4)

The stately Fullerton Hotel and the beautiful Cavenagh Bridge, which was originally known as the Edinburgh Bridge. No horses and cattle are allowed on the bridge ;o)

Night Image of Fullerton Hotel (3)

You can take a touristy ride on the bum-boat. It seems that those working around these areas have been known to use the bum-boats from one end of the river to the other. How cool is that? For example, if you wanted to go from Fullerton Hotel to Marina Bay Sands, it is actually possible! It costs $8 to do that distance, probably a road taxi would be cheaper, especially if you’re not alone. Still, it’s worth a thought! Check out Singapore River Cruise for more details.

Night Image of Boat Quay (2) Night Image of Boat Quay (3)

View of the Boat Quay area on the left. Even on a Wednesday evening, Boat Quay was quite crowded with office workers having drinks at the various pubs. The most crowded establishment in my opinion was the McDonalds! Probably the cheapest thing you can get in Boat Quay. Pity the office workers who were getting takeaways to tide them through yet another late night in the office.

Night Image of Empress Place

View of the Empress Place Area. Building on the left with the spaceship like roof is the Supreme Court of Singapore. Building on the right is the Asian Civilizations Museum. The ACM is worth a visit if you are interested in South East Asian history. I used to volunteer there when I was a student. It was cavernous! As I prowled the grounds, I used to imagine myself living in a house as large as this. During the Colonial Times, the Asian Civilizations Museum building together with Maxwell House next door was known as the Government Offices and housed nearly the entire Colonial Bureaucracy.

Christmas Tree at UOB Building 2011

Christmas Tree at the UOB Building

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