Changi City Point

Changi City Point is open!  I went there today for a brief twirl and I must say I’m pretty excited about it! Living in the Eastern part of Singapore where our 1st mall (Bedok Point) opened only just late last year, I’m really happy to welcome another new mall. If you’ve seen Bedok Point, it really is very small. There was much fanfare when it opened, amongst my family members at least, but because it’s so small, there aren’t many retail shops at all. We call it the food mall. We go there mostly to eat at the same restaurants and drink kopi at Killiney. Bedok Point doesn’t even have a cafe, for goodness sakes! The only cafe in Bedok I believe is at the Bedok Library. It’s called Ice Cafe and no stressful activities are allowed there. It says so on their signboard. No kidding.

Changi City Point is much much bigger as compared to Bedok Point, but smaller than Tampines Point. Despite that, it feels more spacious as the huge event area is unoccupied. I love how the event area is carpeted and has strips of green grassy carpet running from one end to the other. The exterior of the building looks quite cool. There is this roof column with lights that change colour like mood lamps! It was drizzling and in the dark, the roof column stood out and made me think of nice things. Even the interior is nice as they have “air-wells” with plants and water features. It was damn cool just now as you could see the rain falling into the mini water feature. You are allowed to enter the air-well to dip your feet into the water feature. The plants must be a welcome relief for those who have to work for long hours in the retail shops without being able to step outside.

Changi City Point has 2 above ground levels and 1 basement. It’s right opposite Expo MRT, so getting to it should not be a problem. We drove today and were surprised to find the car park full at 9pm! Not all the shops have opened either, but it looks like at least 70% have.

There is a Toastbox right at the entrance of Changi City Point. We had a cuppa there plus banana cake. There is also a Yakun. That’s great cuz I really was getting sick of Killiney at Bedok Point! Marble Slab Creamery, Coffee Bean, Ootoya, Eggs & Berries are just some of the eateries I want to try next! I was surprised that Starbucks, which is located just across Coffee Bean, was almost full while Coffee Bean was almost empty! Don’t you guys prefer Coffee Bean????

I only spent an hour at Changi City Point, and the bulk of the time was actually spent in Cold Storage (nothing fantastic, quite small in fact). Definitely going to come back again, perhaps in the day time. I’m sure all the people working at Changi Business Park would be extremely happy to have a mall to go to during their lunch hour! Just like how all the people working in MapleTree Business City are looking forward to the opening of Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) in about 2 weeks time!

For some reason, I’ve always liked the Changi Business Park area. I suppose it’s the shorter than usual office buildings (thanks to height restrictions, the airport being nearby) and the spaciousness. Makes me feel a rush of freedom. On several occasions, I’ve even come here to stroll in the small park to bask in the solitude and peace that, when in Singapore, can only be found in empty business districts on the weekends. Perhaps I’ll find a job here.

Changi City Point

Address : 5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038

Telephone : (65) 6511 1088

Opening hours : 10am – 10pm

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