Buying a Christmas Tree

Today, I finally bought my 1st ever real Christmas Tree!!

I’ve had a fake Christmas Tree for the longest time ever. Bought it at Takashimaya more than 10 years ago. Each year when I pull it out of the store room, I am reminded of how small and short it is. It was never meant to be used for so long. The year we bought it, we bought a small one just to try out. I was promised that we could get a bigger one if it turned out to be useful. Of course, each year my parents would remind me of the space constraints in the house, and not to waste money on a bigger tree when we already had one.

My office displays a real live tree in December each year. Before I joined the company, it did not cross my mind that I should buy a real tree because it seemed such a waste. But seeing the beautiful real tree in the office, I really had to get one of my own.

And I finally did today!! Last year, I went too late, just 3 days before Christmas, and only the lousy or large trees were left. Check out the photos below. It took us 1 hour just to select our desired tree. Of the size category 4-5ft, our tree is the tallest! YEAH! I’d wanted to get a 6-7ft tree but I would have had to pay $20 extra for delivery. The one we got, we just about managed to shove it onto the front seat of the car. It was toooo long for the boot.

If you’re thinking of whether to get a real Christmas Tree or a fake plastic Christmas Tree, my suggestion would be to go for the real one if you can afford it. Mine cost $50 for a 4-5ft Noble Fir. This is Far East Flora’s Early Bird price. (It better last past Christmas!!!) It costs $10 more for this size from 1 December 11 onwards. The tree obviously cannot be reused. The plastic ones are more expensive upfront. I think a tree of this size would cost at least $100, but the thing is, they can be reused! My fake tree looks pretty real.

I would say the most important difference between a real tree and a fake tree, as far as I can tell for now, is that the real tree has a wonderful fir smell. It makes you feel like you’re celebrating Christmas in some snowy woodlands landscape. Nice thoughts to have, don’t you think?  If you’re thinking of where to buy a real Christmas Tree in Singapore, the best place to go to would be the florists along Thomson road. The nearest MRT would be Caldecott Station.

Buying our Christmas Tree! (6)

I bought my tree at Far East Flora. If you don’t choose to have it delivered to your home, the staff will wrap up your chosen tree for you in some mesh material. It looks like a pretty energy intensive task, even if it took less than 5 minutes to get done. No wonder all the staff are so slim!

Buying our Christmas Tree! (1)

What's in the car

I wonder if anyone got scared looking at the black trash bag on the front seat of our car…..

Our Christmas Tree...naked

Our lovely Christmas tree. It’s naked for now. Will post up more photos when I’ve dressed it in Christmas decorations. More shopping yeah!!!!!! This tree is bigger than the fake one I have so I will need to buy longer tinsel and more dangly baubles!

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    • Oh it definitely did 🙂 But it sort of came at about the same time. At the time I was thinking of not going, but in the end your amazing journey must have prompted me to just bite the bullet, face my fears and go (especially when you talked about how you overcame your fear of heights there). Thanks so much for that. I really do enjoy your more personal posts. Get loads of insight from your posts and so glad you started one about life in general.

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